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"One rarely hears an opera orchestra play so intensively, so turbulently, and at the same time concentrated on the smallest dynamic."

Frankfurter Rundschau


“Excellent conductor” 

​The Sunday Times

“A brilliant ‘Nabucco’ moves in front of Jerusalem's Old City Walls.....the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra performed the famous Nabucco overture under the spirited baton of one of the leading Israeli conductors at present -  Yuval Zorn - with verve and extreme precision.”

Klassik Begeistert

“The program is punctuated by five overtures....Yuval Zorn, an attentive accompanist to the singing, leads them to port with a sure
hand at the head of the Rossini Symphony Orchestra”

L’ape musicale

“Hypnotising new opera ‘Cut Glass’ captures audience from the first note...... accompanied by the Meitar Ensemble – a six-musician contemporary music group under the precise baton of internationally renowned Israeli maestro Yuval Zorn”

Jerusalem Post


“Under Kapellmeister Yuval Zorn’s baton, the Frankfurter Opern-und- Museumsorchester produced a Mozart sound that was smoothly elegant, crisp, and historically informed.”

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung


Interview with Yuval Zorn in Ha’aretz Magazine (in Hebrew)




“Conductor Yuval Zorn releases an impressive first new album, as a pianist… it is played with a passion which is both gripping and well-tempered. This is also the quality of his piano playing throughout the entire album… With Zorn’s profound and fascinating playing, this album is a magical musical journey of adventure.”

Ha’aretz Magazine

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